Advanced Physics Supply List

The following is a list materials you will need for class. Please note that each of these things are required and are not optional.
It is suggested that students also purchase a "drafting" eraser like the "Hi-Polymer" by Pentel, or the Mars, plastic by Staedtler. The white rectangular shape makes this type of eraser easy to recognize. Drafting erasers work by lifting the graphite off the page and resist smudging the work. Rubber erasers work by sanding off the pencil marks and the paper under them. Now, many pencils come with this type of eraser on the end. It is usually white or some fluorescent color. ($1.25)
Students are expected to have a calculator with trigonometric functions. It does not have to be a graphing calculator. Not graphing calculators range from $10 - $20. But if a student is thinking about buying a graphing calculator, buy a TI-84 or TI-84 plus. ($125) This calculator will be used in lab for data collection and analysis. Classroom graphing and scientific calculators can be used by the student when they are available. Most of the classroom discussions involving calculators will use the TI-83 and TI-84. (I have an electric engraver that you can use to etch your name in the back of your calculator. Ask to use it before or after class.)
Every student is expected to have a set of index cards. These index cards will be used as a formula summary as well as other things during class. I will supply a ring for the cards to go on. Your ring will be turned in the day of a test as you walk in the room. The ring will count as a separate grade. Late formula rings are not allowed without an acceptable note from an parent or guardian explaining why it is late. (Forgetting it in yours friends car is not an acceptable excuse.)

Spiral bound 8.5" x 11" notebook. Choose lined or, (my favorite,) graph paper. This will be used to write all homework and class work problems. It must be spiral notebook. This is used as an organizational tool. It will also make studying for the semester exam easier. I would recommend 150 pages worth of notebook(s). Homework not in the notebook will receive no more than 80% credit.

Not all graph paper notebooks are the same. Some graph paper notebooks have lines that are too dark to be used with a pencil. Look for a graph paper notebook with lighter lines.


You are required to have a binder for notes and handouts. Most of what we will use in class will be on the network or computer. They will be viewable and/or editable online, but sometimes there are things that a paper and pencil have more impact than seeing something electronically.

Every PHYSICS will receive a Dell mini netbook runnning Windows and a 4 SD memory card from the county. This computer is more powerful than a smart phone but slower, smaller, and not as powerful a laptop computer. As with any notebook computer, the mouses pad can be a bit difficult to use. Personally, I prefer to use an external mouse. I have a wireless mouse that I use with my laptop and the netbook. It has significantly reduced my frustrations. Many mice are on sale in August and September for about $10-20. Logictech makes an inexpensive($20/$30) mouse with a battery that lasts about 6 months.

Students will not be allowed to take notes on the netbooks. They are to be written by hand. So students may need a 3 ring notebook or folder to contain any notes and some handouts. (Most handouts will be viewed on the computer but technology can't do everything better than pencil and paper.)