Kinematics by Algebraic Means


Essential Questions:

  • How can you use kinematic graphs to solve problems?
  • How do you analyze and solve 1 dimensional kinematics using algebraic means?

Solving Problems with Graphs:


Day 1:

Using acceleration time graphs and velocity time graphs you can solve what seems like complicated multi-obect kinematics problems


  • Remember:
    • the slope of a velocity time graph is equal to the acceleration of an object.
    • the area under an acceleration time graph is equal to the velocity.
    • If two objects are traveling with different speeds/accelerations, you can figure out how long and how far are when they meet by identifying where the area under a velocity time graph are equal.

Worksheet for class discussions - Click here

Review Video - Solution to problem 53 - Problem Solution Work

Notes - Click here to see some notes for problem solving

Homework - Problems 55-59 on worksheet

Day 2:

Review Homework

Complete Worksheet - Click Here

Homework - Finish Worksheet and Graphing Retake

Day 3:

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Peer Reviews

Homework - Finish 60-62 first worksheet and review work on Second Worksheet

Work on Fairy Tale - Due on Monday/Tuesday November 23-24

Day 4:

Review Homework

Introduce Linear Motion Equations and problem solving strategies - Click here for notes

Linear Motion Problem Workbook - Download and print (at HOME!)

Homework - Complete problems 5, 7, 9 13, 15, 16, 19 in Workbook answers at end